Our SOL Stars

We want to showcase the excellent people we have working at SOL, the people who really have the people we work for at the heart of everything they do.

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November 20, 2019

SOL Stars November 2019

A family member of a person that we work for got in touch with the organisation asking for their family members team to be recognised as […]
September 11, 2019

SOL Stars September 2019

Craig Irons Craig is a great support to everyone he works with. Staff members have recently commented that Craig has been brilliant whilst they come to […]
August 1, 2019

SOL Stars July 2019

Karen Boyle Karen works extremely hard in her role as an Executive Assistant. She has shown a huge amount of dedication to her job and the […]
June 28, 2019

SOL Stars June 2019

Debbie Gosling We just wanted to thank Debbie for the work she has put in supporting our East Renfrewshire services over the past 6 weeks. Debbie […]
May 30, 2019

SOL Stars May 2019

Lorraine Hanlan, Scott Haycock, Stacey O’Connor Lorraine has shown how resilient she is and has been a real asset to her team, she is flexible and […]
April 2, 2019

SOL Stars April 2019

James Clarke and Michael Lamara James and Michael have been supporting a young man since November last year and the difference in this person since then […]
February 26, 2019

SOL Stars February 2019

Patricia Baird Patricia always makes herself available to work, covering sick days and holiday at short notice, ensuring the service she works in runs as smoothly […]
January 23, 2019

SOL Stars January 2019

Babatunde Kareem Kasali, Nicky Lamarra, Michael Ndegwa, James Whitefield, James Devine, Dougie Telfor, John Duffy The person they support has been labelled as ‘challenging’, but the […]

Karen's Team

1SOL believes you are an example of a great self-directed team. What are the top three things you do to make your team great?
Communicate, we are there for each other, we always look out for each other and we problem solve.
2How do you ensure the person you support is at the centre of everything you do?
If there are any slight changes to how the way the person we work for likes to have things done then we share that information which keeps everyone in the loop. There is consistency around the person and we cover any annual leave or sickness so there are no strangers coming into the person’s home.
3What challenges have you faced as a team and how have you worked together to overcome these?
The person had been living in the family home and was supported in moving into their own home. We also helped and guided them through family bereavement.
4What impact has your great tem work had on the person you support?
The person we support is living a fuller life and is more contented. They are attending College to do cookery under the New Generation Programme and are coming on brilliantly. They are always giggling and are getting out and about more. They just love their house and the garden has all been done as well and is looking great.
The team are always very professional in the way they deal with paperwork and the rotas are always in on time and if there are any amendments they are done straight away and brought down to the office immediately. They are very flexible at all times and all the team have the person we work for best interests at heart.

Quote from their Practice Leader

Jamie's Team

1SOL believe you have done some extraordinary work alongside the person we work for to promote their independence by working in Partnership with SOL Connect and Social Work. What was it like working with assistive technology to begin with?
It was fine, they didn’t use the Hub very much to begin with but as they used it more they helped me with it.
2Did you have any fear or anxieties? If so, how did you overcome them?
3What challenges did you face and how did you work through these?
The hub not connecting sometimes and they would get anxious but I would explain that this is the “modern technology” and these things can happen from time to time.
4What impact has the work you carried out had on the person?
Encouraging the person we work for to use the Hub and encouraging them to listen to music on the Hub.
Jen is a valued member of the team and encourages the person we work for to use his Hub to listen to his favourite songs and speak to the ‘nice ladies’ (SOL Customer Advisors), when he is feeling anxious or requesting new songs.

Quote from their Practice Leader

Kay's Team

1SOL believe you are a great example of a self- directed team. What are the top 3 things you do to make your team great?
Communication – Information, ideas, what’s worked and what’s not. We think it is important to share this information as everyone’s ideas are equally valuable and important and informati9on does not get overloaded. Balance our skills and abilities – We recognise we don’t all have the same strengths. We try to balance things so we contribute in different ways. Everyone takes initiative to get things done – We don’t just leave it for the next shift but communicate that it’s been done.
2How do you ensure the person you support is at the centre of everything you do?
By treating them as an individual and recognising that everyone is unique, what makes one person thrive may not work for another. Always affording them dignity and respect and consideration. It is their home and their choices. Supporting them to develop in terms of ability and independence where possible.
3What challenges have you faced as a team and how have you worked together to overcome these?
Uncertainty in terms of team members. Thankfully now more settled, but, for a time we were unsure of all the permanent members of the team. This made rotas and forward planning difficult and caused friction at times. We overcame this by working more on the short term and discussing concerns with Practice Leader.
4What impact has your great team work had on the person you support?
Individual is more confident, settled and happier and is more relaxed around staff. More willing to try new activities and they are also more relaxed around others in a social setting. This is a great example of a self-directed team, everything the staff do is person centred, they help the Kay lead as full a life as possible and give her the opportunity of trying out new experiences. The team encourage and involve Kay in all aspects of her day to day life given her choices and listening to what she wants. With a person centred and self-directed team this has had a positive impact on Kay as she has become more settled and relaxed around her staff which has helped her to grow in confidence and try new experiences.
The team are planning a party for the person we support 75th Birthday which is in October, they have involved them in the planning – finding out where they would like the party to be held, this is somewhere where they feel comfortable in their surroundings, staff are supporting them to invite their friends and family. The team have been through some difficult times with uncertainty of staff and new staff being introduced but have kept a person centred approach in everything they do. The team is now settled and both workers work well together and sharing tasks to suit their strengths. The team have respect for one another and are both working together to benefit then person we work for and help them gain more confidence and skills.

Quote from their Practice Leader