Support Planning

We do this in two stages:

Firstly we work alongside people and those who are important to them to create an outcome based support plan. We do this by having good conversations and listening to what people want their lives to look like and what they want their support to help them achieve. We can help put this support plan together – or if people want to do this on their own that’s fine too.

What’s in an outcome based support plan?

  • Information about the person – their strengths, passions, interests etc
  • What’s important to the person to have and interesting fulfilling life
  • What’s important for the person to be healthy, well and included
  • What’s working well at the moment that we can build on?
  • What’s not working that need to change?
  • If everything was going really well – what would life be like?
  • What the person what’s to change or achieve (outcomes)
  • How the person will be and stay in control?
  • How support will be managed?
  • How the budget will be spent?

Next we use all of the information above to look at ‘How best to support’ the person. This plan looks in more detail at how we make sure the things that are important are present in the persons life, and how we work to ensure people are as healthy, safe and included as they want to be. Again, we work alongside people, families and support staff to develop this plan and review how things are progressing on a regular basis.