Self Directed Teams

What makes life worth living? We ask this question of our staff and the people we support and find there are things that are unique to each of us, but over and over again people tell us that friends, partners, work, hobbies, time to ourselves, goals and our beloved pets make life worth living. At SOL we believe that’s what ordinary living is all about.

We believe that:
  • Everyone has something to contribute to the people around them and the wider community
  • Everyone has the right to be in and belong to community
  • We all need positive supportive relationships
  • We all need purpose and meaning in our lives.

We dream about a world that works for everyone – where everyone has a gift, a place that needs that gift and everyone has a purpose. We know that the world is often a difficult and challenging place for people who are labelled as disabled. We work alongside people to imagine and listen to what life might be like if things did work for them and then we work together to get as close to that vision as possible.