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Care Inspectorate Scores 2019
August 28, 2019
SOL stars
SOL Stars November 2019
November 20, 2019

Craig Irons

Craig is a great support to everyone he works with. Staff members have recently commented that Craig has been brilliant whilst they come to terms with one of the most difficult things any team will face, the passing of the person they worked for. He showed a great deal of compassion and was extremely understanding.

Being a Practice Manager, Craig is recognised as being a ‘go to’ person, often helping other members of staff in their daily tasks. Nothing ever seems too much for Craig to take on. He’s a real team player!

Dominic Ravenheart

Dominic has been an amazingly stable and consistent influence on the life of the person he works for, since she joined SOL earlier this year. He is reliable, dependable and the individual he supports really appreciates the fact that he listens without judgement.

The person he works for feels he really ‘gets’ her. He goes over and above to provide her with the best support possible. He is a star!

Keep up the good work Dominic.