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SOL Stars May 2019 - Welcome to Support for Ordinary Living (SOL)

Lorraine Hanlan, Scott Haycock, Stacey O’Connor

Lorraine has shown how resilient she is and has been a real asset to her team, she is flexible and will always help when she can.

Scott has proven to understand the role of a Support Worker and has brought the person he supports to a great place.

Stacey has real potential to grow in her job role and understands the people she supports outcomes. She has helped the people she supports greatly.

Well done to Lorraine, Scott and Stacey. Thank you for your great work guys!

Debbie Tervit

Debbie has shown great dedication and determination in her role. She has constantly went above and beyond to make sure the new way the ‘Mobile Team’ work has been a success. She has helped to train new staff and is always there if shifts need covered.

She has managed to make a success of not only her own role but has been a huge factor in the success of this new model of support in the Mobile Team.

Well done Debbie and keep up the good work!