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Lynne’s enjoying her independence!

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October 30, 2014
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February 9, 2015


Lynne recently popped into the SOL office to show us her new car.

She picked her new car up a couple of months ago and so far she has been really enjoying the freedom and independence that it has given her.

She can now go on day trips when she wants and so far she has enjoyed days out in Fife, Glasgow and visited the beach in Ayr for the first time. During her trip to the beach she enjoyed some fish and chips whilst going along the sea front.

Her day trips have also given her the opportunity to play her favourite Britney Spears CD whilst enjoying the scenery. She’s a huge Britney fan and she even managed to persuade a DJ in Ayr shopping centre to play one of her songs during her shopping trip.

Congratulations Lynne on getting your new car and we hope you keep enjoying your days out.

Lynne proudly showing off her new car

Lynne enjoying her shopping trip in Ayr