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Working hard with the Wee Enterprizers

The sad passing of Ian MacKinnon
February 8, 2017
Celebration and Recognition Event
May 17, 2017

We’ve been running our ‘Wee Enterprizers’ group, in partnership with Social Care Ideas Factory (SCIF).

Sara from SCIF has been working with Liam, Marion, Kyle, John and Amy looking at either trying to develop their entrepreneurial ideas, by starting up their own businesses, or looking  at what their dream job would be and working towards making these jobs a reality!

SCIF have been working in partnership with  other organisations, exploring how social enterprise opportunities can benefit people receiving support. This is the first time a Wee Enterprizers group has been set up in SOL and the guy’s are absolutely loving it!.

So far Marion wants to work as a receptionist as she wants to build on the experience she gained at college, Amy wants to be a singer and Kyle wants to be an impressionist or comedian.

Liam told us that he’s enjoying meeting new people, discussing different ideas and getting his opinion across.

Keep up the good work guys!