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Previous SOL Stars – October 2017

Keeping an eye on quality!
February 26, 2018
Previous SOL Stars – November 2017 & January 2018
April 2, 2018

In October last year we recognised the great work of our SOL Stars, Tommy, Marion, Emma, and Karen, by featuring them in our staff newsletter, UPD8. Our SOL STARS are our people who we think deserve recognition for the work they do…

Tommy Murphy

Tommy has made a real difference in the person that he supports life. Tommy includes him effortlessly in absolutely everything that he does and in his community – to us that demonstrates the deep respect Tommy has for him as an individual.

The person he supports is now an active member of his local gym and loves working out with the rest of the guys, going for a Sauna and has a healthy eating plan. The person he supports is now interacting a socialising with people – something he found really difficult before he met Tommy.

Tommy never cares about when he is due to be ‘off shift’, what he cares most about is supporting this young man to have a great life and to belong to his community. We love Tommy’s energy and enthusiasm and we think he deserves recognition for the exceptional work he does!

Marion Munro, Emma Brown and Karen Thompson

This team have demonstrated outstanding practice. Every spot check that is carried out is perfect. Everything they do is about the person they support. They help each other out on their days off to support the person to attend hospital appointments. They support her to keep in touch with friends and family and arrange for them to come to her home, always making sure that her visitors are welcomed with cakes and sandwiches. Supporting relationships is so vitally important when people have lost the capacity to do this for themselves. They made contact with ‘Revive’ a charity set up to provide vital support to people affected by MS – they have supported her to receive Botox injections which has helped her regain some movement in her arm, reflexology and massage. She recently lost the majority of her vision, but the team talk her through everything that is going on around her, from describing the surrounding scenery to who is around and what’s on TV.

We love this teams ‘Whatever it Takes’ attitude!