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Previous SOL Stars – September 2017
January 22, 2018
Previous SOL Stars – October 2017
March 12, 2018

Last year was another busy year for the Quality Checkers! The group have continued their great work gaining feedback from the people we work for, friends and families, support staff and office staff.

The group, consisting of John, Peter, Donna, Archie, Gerry, and Norma, have been hosting drop-in sessions and creating questionnaires to gain feedback and comments on some areas of the organisation. Quality Checkers Coordinator, Donna, commented “2017 was another great year with lots of feedback coming into the Quality Checkers. The feedback has given us the opportunity to improve what we do in SOL, and ensure that by listening to the people we support, and their families, that we take the lead from them about how things may need to change in the organisation. By early next year we will have two years worth of data which will allow us to compare this year against last year and see if there are any trends and improvements in the feedback. It’s important stuff!”

The group have continued their hard work in January and February of this year, gaining feedback from the front-line Support Workers of the organisation.