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Frankie and Stripes

Good enough to eat!
August 7, 2015
SOL Connect Working in Partnership
August 31, 2015

Frankie loves going out his back garden every morning to feed the birds and one day a few weeks ago he came back into the house and a little grey striped cat had let itself in and made itself at home.

Frankie gave it some milk and it left. Every morning after that Frankie would go out to feed the birds and Stripes would be sitting at the door waiting for his milk. After a couple of weeks Stripes started to scratch the door before Frankie was ready to feed the birds. A couple of days later Stripes moved in and she and Frankie have never looked back.

The difference in Frankie has been fabulous he has now got something he needs to look after instead of everyone looking after him and this has improved his mental health and wellbeing.

Everyone loves Stripes, she is a wee cracker.