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HOURLY RATE: £8.45 per hour

LOCATION: East Renfrewshire

We are currently recruiting staff to work with Mark. A gentleman living in Barrhead is currently looking for support a couple of evenings a week from 5-7pm.

Support for Ordinary Living (SOL) is an experienced and well respected provider of person centred support services. SOL offers people the opportunity to gain the right amount of support to shape and direct their own life and to take greater control over their own money.

Mark is 45 years old and enjoys living independently in his own home. He is generally a very polite, thoughtful, happy and active man who enjoys music, books, and collecting model cars, trucks and rocket ships. He has a great imagination and a mischievous sense of humour. Although he has strong verbal skills he is on the Autistic Spectrum and can find communicating and some social situations difficult to interpret. He very much enjoys role playing, things like working on roadworks or that he has a radio program where he interviews musicians and sing songs.

Mark is very proud of his independence and how well he looks after his home. He is looking for someone who can encourage and support him to maintain these skills, preparing his evening meal as well as supporting him to take his medication. Mark also has support earlier in the day when he carries out most of his household tasks as well as pursuing his many interests. The new support worker would therefore be part of Mark’s team, all of whom support him to establish predictable routines to help him feel secure.


Mark is looking for someone who:

  • has an understanding of Autism
  • is calm and confident and can remain relaxed and provide reassurance when he is upset or agitated
  • is perceptive and can read his moods or situations and act accordingly
  • is willing to understand his needs and is prepared to get it right
  • has a sense of humour
  • is willing to get involved in his role play if required
  • will provide a consistent approach

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