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My name is Chris. I’m in my 60’s and my passions are Bird Watching and Nature. I also love football and my favourite team is Celtic. I enjoy watching their games and reading books about the club. I also love to read and really enjoy popping into Waterstones to relax and enjoy some nice coffee.

Unfortunately, I sustained a ‘moderate to severe’ brain injury in a fall whilst under the influence of alcohol.  I’m currently moving back home to Clarkston after a long stay in hospital.

I would like to be supported by a female worker. I enjoy the company of people who are not overbearing, who are comfortable with silence, relaxed and have a good sense of humor. I will need some support to adjust to life at home in the community again and I will need the support of someone who can assist me with the everyday tasks associated with ordinary living. I also want to make connections with people in my community who share the same interests as me. I just really want to get back to enjoying life in my own home again!


Other Information

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Practice Leader

HOURLY RATE: £8.45 per hour

HOURS: Various hours are available

LOCATION: Clarkston, East Renfrewshire

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