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Birthday event announced!
April 24, 2013
The SOL Singer – Issue 2
May 16, 2013

We want to ensure that the people we work for live independent lives in their own community. One person that has moved from living in an institution for 53 years of her life to living in her own home and being a valued member of her community is Kay.

When SOL started to support Kay, over 11 years ago, she needed 2 people to help her live her life. This was eventually reduced to 1 person helping her 24 hours a day. It has recently been agreed that Kay will only receive 84 hours of support a week from 1 support worker and now doesn’t need support at night.

This is an amazing turnaround for Kay because when SOL started to support her we were informed by people at the institution where she lived that she “would never be able to live in the community” and they would “keep her bed for her returning.”

Kay and her team have benefitted from the SOL Connect hub, by having the reassurance that they have 24 hour contact with SOL Connect if she needs help outwith her support hours. Kay’s family and team have also taken advice from our Assistive Technology team on other ways to keep Kay secure and safe whilst not being supported. This has helped Kay gain more independence and control over her life whilst making the best use of her Individualised Budget.

Kay’s staff have helped her to be a valued member of her community and to help her independence and confidence. This has allowed Kay more freedom to live the life that she chooses.

Kay commented “I love living in my own home and doing the things that I want to do. Over the past few years SOL have helped me to do this.”

Well done Kay.